StelMax Product


These are steel bars of Fe 500 grade made as per IS 1786-2008.Stringent quality control measures are adopted at the time of manufacturing so that TMT bars get the desired quality parameters. Proper selection of raw material to proper rolling and quenching gives us the best quality TMT bars. These bars are available in a wide range of diameters from 8mm to 32mm suitable for all types of requirement.

Norminal Dia(mm) Norminal Weight(Kg/Meter)
as per ISI:1786
Weight Range(Kg/Meter)
as per ISI:1786
Weight Range(Kg/Meter)
STELMAX® 500 FRD TMT Steel Bars
8 0.395 0.367-0.423 0.367-0.395
10 0.617 0.574-0.660 0.574-0.617
12 0.888 0.844-0.932 0.844-0.888
16 1.578 1.499-1.657 1.499-1.578
20 2.466 2.392-2.540 2.392-2.466
25 3.853 3.737-3.969 3.737-3.853
28 4.834 4.689-4.979 4.689-4.834
32 6.313 6.123-6.502 6.123-6.313

Note:As STELMAX® TMT's weight range is on lower side, you get more length per ton of steel-bar you purchase.

Product Advantage

With their tough outer surface and soft core, STELMAX® 500 FRD TMT BARS have excellent bendability, which makes the work at construction sites easy and safe. STELMAX® 500 FRD TMT Steel Bars can be bent around mandrels much smaller in diameter than those specified in IS: 1786.
Due to controlled carbon and manganese, STELMAX® 500 FRD TMT BARS derive excellent weldability. There is no loss of strength at weld joints. This ensures that they can be butt-welded or lap-welded without any need for pre and post welding treatment.
STELMAX® 500 FRD TMT BARS are water-quenched and not cold twisted. Hence, no torsion residual stresses are left in the bar, resulting in excellent corrosion resistance properties in comparison with cold-twisted bars.
The unique combination of high strength and exceptional ductility, with high fatigue strength, results in a rebar with higher seismic resistance. Studies conducted on concrete beam column joints and evaluated under repeated reverse loading, validated the superior earthquake resistance properties of STELMAX® 500 FRD TMT Steel Bars.
Although steel and concrete are two different materials, they have to behave as a single unit in a reinforced structure. This can happen only then, when the concrete grips the steel rebar to form the strongest bond through the unique lug pattern of the rebar. STELMAX® 500 FRD TMT Steel Bars have a unique lug pattern which helps to form better bonding with cement.
Our material has already passed quality tests from two major testing institutes:


This wire is manufactured as per IS code 280-2006. It is 0.90mm thick (20 gauge). The soft nature and uniform thickness gives easy workmanship at site. Binding wire is used for binding TMT Steel bars, Stirrups & Cover Blocks together tightly. Knots can be easily tied and will not loosen. Wire is not brittle and therefore does not crack at the time of tying.

  • Every bundle is of uniform size and accurate weight.
  • Wire of uniform 20 gauge which is the industry standard.
  • Easy to use, due to excellent finish.
  • Binds the bar tightly.
  • Doesn't break while binding, resulting in savings.
  • Available in high-quality packing. More flexible and stronger wire.
  • Available in 25 kg and 10 kg packs.


STELMAX® Stirrups are manufactured conforming to International Standards, using advanced PLC driven automatic Stirrups making machine, in order to provide your structure more strength.They are basically used in binding the main and secondary bars of beams and columns in the concrete structure. They play a very vital role in confining the steel in their position during the time of pouring of concrete and also do not allow the structure to rupture or develop diagonal cracks. We fabricate different sizes and shapes of rings normally required in the construction of the building. Available in various sizes to suit every requirement such as:

8mm 7"X4" 7"X7" 7"X10"
other sizes can be made as per order

We can also cater to your demand of any quantity, any size and design of stirrups.

  • Uniform Rings, produced on machines.
  • Produced according to BIS directives.
  • Due to pre-bent at 135° on the edge, the ring keeps the structure intact and in place during earthquake.


While constructing a building, the thickness of concrete to be placed on the bar is determined by the architect or engineer. Accordingly 'Space' is ensured between the bar and the shuttering. To keep this 'Space' uniform at all places, use Stelcover Cover Blocks (Spacer).

  • Available in cement + fiber
  • Easily tied with the bar with binding wire.
  • Its strength avoids breakage.
Name of the Item Size Packing

Cement + Fiber
S-20 / 25 200 p / pack
S-30 / 40 100 p / pack
S-40-50 30 p / pack

These cement cover blocks are available with us in various sizes and of strength M 50 which is one of the highest grades of concrete as per BIS Code 456-2000. These cover blocks play a very vital role in construction of a building which ultimately increases the life of the structure.


STELMAX® - LINTEL BEAM KIT available for various sizes of windows & doors. We fabricate lintel beams as per customers requirements of any size and design and are packed in a corrugated boxes consisting of Main bottom bars and top bars (STELMAX® TMT bars), rings (STELMAX® RINGS) and cover blocks (STELMAX® COVER) as per structure design duly approved by our structure consultant.

Each kit has all the material, required for making one lintel beam. The material is already cut, in accordance with the required size. It just needs to be placed at the desired area, followed by casting.


Item No. Door Opening Lintel Size STELMAX® TMT Bars Stelmax® Rings 8mm Bars Packing
Bottom Steel Top Steel
Lt1 2 ft-6 inch 3’-6”x9”x6” 
2-10 Ø 2-10 Ø
(2'-6") 3'-6"x4.5"x6"
2-10 Ø 2-10 Ø
3"x4"-8pcs 4pcs
Lt2 3 ft 4’-0”x9”x6”
2-12 Ø 2-10 Ø
(3'-0") 4’-0”x4.5”x6”
2-12 Ø 2-10 Ø
3"x4"-09pcs 4pcs
Lt3 3 ft-6 inch 4’-6”x9”x6”
2-12 Ø 2-10 Ø
(3'-6") 4’-6”x4.5”x6”
2-12 Ø 2-10 Ø
3"x4"-10pcs 4pcs
Lt4 4 ft-6 inch 5’-0”x9”x6”
3-12 Ø 2-10 Ø
(4'-0") 5’-0”x4.5”x6”
3-12 Ø 2-10 Ø
3”x4”-11pcs 6pcs
Lt5 4 ft-6 inch 5’-6”x9”x6”
3-12 Ø 2-10 Ø
(4’-6”) 5’-6”x4.5”x6”
3-12 Ø 2-10 Ø
3”x4”-12pcs 6pcs
Lt6 5 ft-0 inch 6’-0”x9”x14”
3-12 DIA 2-10 Ø
(5’-0”) 6’-4.5”x4.5”x14”
3-12 DIA 2-10 Ø
3”x12”-13pcs 8pcs


These chairs are used to maintain the distance between the top bars and bottom bars as per requirements and as per direction of structural consultants. Normally they are used in raft foundations and Reinforcement Concrete Slabs. The diameter of chair bar shall not be less than 12 mm and one meter in length with its base wings spread in opposite direction.

We fabricate steel chair of any diameter and length as per user's requirements and are customize made as per drawing etc.

STELMAX® 500 Grade Cut & Bend Steel Bars

It ensures Precision & consistency to the exact specifications & measurements thus eliminating inaccuracies & controlling material wastage, Storage space at site.


Rathi industries is pioneer in steel rebar sector since last 70 years and have assisted its ever growing clientele by providing best quality products & services.
The construction industry in India is growing in excess of 16% per annum and the demand for skilled labour have been increasing but our educational and workforce development system is struggling to respond to the rapid growth in the demand for skilled labour- both qualitatively and quantitavely.

To help you and the nation Rathi Industries Ltd. are carrying out the followings:

  • We are providing training to unskilled labourers at the construction site for improving their workmanship and telling them the right way of using steel in reinforcement.

  • We are carrying out skill development programms for construction supervisors.

  • We have a panel of expert civil engineers and structural consultants for providing structural design for your house and/ or can carry out vetting of your structural design if already available.

  • We have structural/ civil engineers with us who can visit your construction site to supervise and guide you in maintaining quality of construction.

  • We have a panel of certified contractors who are capable of carrying out your construction work with best quality and workmanship

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