Product Range

Stelmax® 500 FRD TMT Bars.

These are steel bars of Fe 500 grade made as per IS 1786-2008.Stringent quality control measures are adopted at the time of manufacturing so that TMT bars get the desired quality parameters.

Stelmax® Binding Wire.

This will keep the bars in place as required in the structural design. Loosely tied knots or bad quality wire can gravely weaken the entire structure.

Stelmax® Stirrups (Rings).

TMT bars need to be connected together with stirrups so that they do not spread out at the time of pouring concrete. ·Rings made at site with scrap steel may loosen the grip of bars in case of an earthquake

Stelmax® Cover Blocks.

Helps to maintain required cement cover over the steel bars thereby ensuring that the steel remains safe from Corrosion due to moisture.

Stelmax® Lintel Beam Kits.

It is a combination of Steel bars tied with the help of rings and binding wires. In total they are a package well designed for the actual use at the site thus preventing any flaw in the structure.

Stelmax® Steel Spacers.

In order to maintain the gap between top and botton reinforcement. This helps the struture to overcome development of cracks in the concrete when the load is transferred on it.

Stelmax® Cut & Bend Bars.

It ensures Precision & consistency to the exact specifications & measurements thus eliminating inaccuracies & controlling material wastage, Storage space at site.

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