Lineage & History

Rathi Industries Ltd. is part of the RATHI STEELS group, which has been the pioneer in the field of manufacturing reinforcement steel bars (REBARS) for past more than 70 years. The combined Rathi group has an installed capacity of nearly one million tons of bars and rods with a market share of 45% in North India and overall production of 10% of steel rolling capacity on all-India basis.

Due to the sheer size and scale of operations of the entire group as a whole, every consumer of steel in the country is familiar with the brand "RATHI". The Group was the first in the country to create brand equity in steel bars and rods way back in 1965. Established in 1942, the RATHI STEELS group has been the pioneer and market leader in manufacturing of high quality steel bars. Continuing the legacy, RATHI has emerged as the largest selling brand in steel bars and rods.

It all started way back in 1942, when the country began to claim its right to Independence from foreign rule and assert itself. At a time when the call for 'Quit India' was given by Mahatma Gandhi, at a time when this country decided to write its own destiny, and that it'll no longer be subjugated to colonial powers.

That was when one visionary, Sh. Gordhan Das Rathi realized that India needs to build-up as a nation and to build-up a strong foundation for a nation to move on the path of progress you need one basic material, STEEL. It's the strength of this wonderful material on which all infrastructure-Bridges, Dams, Buildings, Roads stand. Facilities like Railways, Shipping, also have steel as their backbone. So in 1942, he established a small steel rolling mill in Delhi, having a production capacity of 0.5 ton per day. The motive was to manufacture steel bars and rods, to cater to the requirement of infrastructure sector. This small rolling mill underwent rapid expansion.

As infrastructure grew, members of the RATHI STEEL family established independent units outside Delhi also, but the sole aim and ideology continued to be providing steel bars and rods for infrastructure. In 1965, the RATHI STEEL group brought a new revolution in steel bars and rods by bringing international technology to India and manufactured twisted steel bars which reduced consumption of steel by 20%, due to improved strength.

Then in the year 2000 Rathi Industries Ltd. which is part of the Rathi Steel group, started manufacturing Quenched and Self Tempered Steel Bars, yet another giant leap forward. With this new technology, the capacity of the steel to withstand earthquake, fire and corrosion hazards improved significantly. Then in 2010, Rathi Industries Ltd. started 'Complete Steel Reinforcement Solutions' - it means all materials required during RCC is available under one roof i.e. TMT Steel Bars, Binding Wires, Stirrups (Rings), Lintel Beam Kit, and Steel Chairs and Cement, Cover blocks of all sizes.

We also provide ready made steel bars and rods as per the exact length and bended as required at the site. Complete steel reinforcement solutions are being marketed under the brand name STELMAX


First to

Introduce complete Steel Reinforcement Solution.

First to

Set-up an Automatic Rolling Mill in North India with automation in entire production process.

First to

Manufacture Twisted Stell Bars in India in 1960's which reduced consumption by 20%.

First to

Introduce the concept of Branded Retailing of Steel through exclusive steel shops.

First to

Setup Mini Steel Plant in North India.

First to

Introduce TMT Steel Bars Technology in India.


The key people who drive the conglomerate are all visionaries in their own right. They are all leaders in their own right. They are the epitome of intellect, talent, proficiency and hands-on knowledge. That is the core strength of Rathi Industries Ltd..

The Management here, strongly believes in 'two-way communication', and facilitates this principle in its functioning. It encourages free-flow of ideas & thoughts. So, each employee (irrespective of his/her designation or rank) has authority and freedom, and can frankly approach/ meet any level, and put forth his/her views.

Key Members

Sangram Singh


Viney Rathi

Chief Financial Officer

Prashant Dayal

Production Head

Amit Thapar

Marketing Head

Vidya Shankar Tripathi

HRD Head

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